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We are adventurers with a love, and have a graphic and design background, so merging the two was a natural step. Our goal is to visit as many of the 196 countries as possible. Our love for graphic and product design lead us to create, and continue to create, fun ways to track your destinations. And thus 2Maps was born.

Lovely gift idea! The map was great quality, and the seller was very helpful and shipped it very quickly. A good experience and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves travelling!

Rebecca Olson

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Welcome to 2Maps on Ecwid!

We making a detailed Scratch off and Push Pin Maps "Travel History". Scratch Map is the Detailed Travel Map with 732 Cities, 196 Flags, 76 Sea Depths, 13 Mountain Peaks. State lines in US, Canada, Greenland, Russia, China and Australia. This Map has remarkably beautiful and bright colors and accurate cartographic Details of the terrain. Scratch off map "Travel History" is designed for everyone: for travelers, for people who are planning a trip, for people who are curious and willing to explore the world, or those, who are looking for a perfect gift for a friend. Detailed Scratchable Travel Map will remind you of places, that you have already visited and will retain memories for many years. Find the country, state or province that you have visited, as well as its flag on the map. Take a scratch pin and remove the upper layer. Once you have cleared all the visited countries , you will have your personal unique colorful travel map. Hang it on a wall and it will become a stunning element of the interior - decorate your room, school or office wall.




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